Philosophy and product:

Hi I’m Lee Richards. I like to do fun stuff. I surf, skateboard, snowboard and mountain bike.

I have been into free sports for over twenty years and as long as I can remember I’ve had trouble getting decent pictures of myself and friends in action. So to change that around for the better, I set up Extreme Photo.

I provide a unique service of quality photographs, with the simplicity of a take-away, on-the-day, flashstick – no faffing. This keeps things easy and affordable.

What’s so special? You might ask – Well; I will get ‘down and dirty’ – into the water, down on the concrete, snow and mud, to get all the best angles. My experience tells me where to be and get the best results.

Here at Extreme Photo, I will generate quality images at a fraction of the price and the best bit is you chose your favourites and you get them, then and there; immediate ownership, to do with what you want – instant, total portability.

Quality, low cost, and freedom.