Skateboard and Mountain Biking


The scene is back on with new parks springing up all over. Winchester has a brand spanking outdoor park. Poole’s indoor wooden bowl is excellent, and Petersfield has a nice concrete bowl, to name just a few. Southsea has the oldest skate park in the world. I’ve skated parks all across the South coast and will gladly travel further afield.
I see lots of dads and girlfriends taking shots, but disappointment often follows.
I set up Extreme Photo so you can rely on quality every time, with satisfying results and easy prices

Price: flash stick with ten images £50 for up to an hour.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most accessible sports with trails all over the place. I regularly bike at The Look-Out, near Bracknell, and am keen to try new tracks.
How about a few memorable shots as souvenirs of all that peddling?
It can be pretty impractical and awkward to set up a photo shoot for mountain biking. - I will catch you (on camera) mid-flow, perhaps even mid-air, whether you are having the time of your life, catching up with the pack or a lone wolf. The true glory of mud captured, hassle free.

Price: flash stick with ten images £50 for up to an hour.